Food Critics for Safe Water
The Flint, MI Water Crisis has given rise to the proposed Safe Water Act of 2016 Resolution.  A resolution that simply states that safe water is defined as water that has been processed to remove all harmful bacteria and minerals from water prior to human consumption via drinking or food preparation.  And providing water in any form that is unsafe to anyone is a criminal offense and a violation of a person civil rights.
Restaurants that want who comply, and wanted to have a recognized symbols for their marketing and industry marketing such as Trip Advisor and Yelp, would receive the Safe Water Symbol via their local Food Critics.  Food Critics turned Beverage Critics is our best hope that consumers are indeed getting healthy water when dining at a restaurant that has earned the symbol.
Food/Beverage Critics would enroll via the Blog, or Food Critics for Safe Water Group at LinkedIn.

If your a Food & Beverage Critic or Safe WaterAct Supporter, please post and get behind the safe water for all movement!

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